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A comprehensive WordPress social media plugin that you can use on your site to increase sharing numbers

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Monarch social media plugin from ElegantThemes is one of the top and most widely used social media plugins for the WordPress platform.

We all know the importance of social media marketing for any business these days, and when it comes to online businesses it becomes even more important.

There are websites making millions of dollars every year depending only on the social media traffic.

Though the viral content sites tend to do better in the social media platforms, you can make it work for any niche site if you do it the right way.

There are a number of amazing blogs that talk about how to do social media marketing the correct way. Also, you can take support from the digital marketing agencies to help you with your campaigns.

If you do not have such budget to spend on social media marketing, the least you could do is to invest in a quality social sharing plugin and make it easier for your users to share your content on the social media sites.

Here comes the Monarch social media plugin from the experienced ElegantThemes team, one of the top social media management plugin for WordPress sites.

Let’s have a look at the plugin in detail.

Monarch Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

Monarch is one of the leading WordPress social sharing plugins that offer all modern features to optimize your conversion.

Here is what it offers.


Monarch Plugin Overview & Features

Monarch plugin makes it simple and easier for your users to share your content on the social media sites. It offers you all the latest features and options that you expect in a top quality plugin.

To start with, a comprehensive dashboard to manage all the settings for your social media needs.

The options are easy to understand and quick to get started. ElegantThemes made sure that the plugin is newbie friendly and there is nothing complicated about it.


There used to be an effect on the loading time with many well-known social media plugins back in the days. The social media icons add that extra loading time to your site’s overall loading time.

However, with Monarch plugin, you will not face that issue. The team has made sure that your site still loading quickly along with the social media buttons and it doesn’t have any adverse effect.

Monarch has it’s own caching option so that it doesn’t delay the loading. It also gives you the option to choose the duration of social count update.

Select The Social Networks That You Focus On

Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of options you see. It is not recommended to use too many social sharing options on your site.

Focus on a few that makes the difference to your site. There is no point in placing Pinterest if there is no image on your page to share.

Monarch offers you more than 20 different social networking sites to select from, but you can choose according to your content type which is more likely to convert.


Monarch Social Sharing Button Placement

The placement of the social sharing buttons makes a huge difference in terms of conversion. The Monarch plugin offers you a number of different options looking at the trend & history of conversion.

You have five different choices in terms of placement of the buttons

  • Floating Sidebar
  • Above & or Below Content
  • On Images & Videos
  • Automatic Pop-Up
  • Automatic-Flyin

Let’s have a look at each of them one by one.

Floating Social Sidebar

You must have seen the floating social sharing buttons on the sidebar in many prominent websites. This is an optimized placement as it makes the buttons visible to every user who visits your site.

The floating sidebar buttons come with its own hover effect.


You also have the option to display the share count for each of the social platforms you are using or you can show the total of all.


Customize the floating social icon color. You can make them match your brand color so that they look an integral part of your site.


Above & Below Article

Almost every website shows inline social sharing buttons above or below the content, in many occasions at both the location.

Placing social sharing buttons above or below your content is best for conversion because no one will share your content without checking it.

Let them go through your content and then make a decision to share it on the social sites.

The Monarch plugin gives you a quick and easy option to place inline social buttons above and below your content.


Again, like the floating social share buttons, you have amazing hover effect that will enhance the overall experience for your users.

You have the option to show the share count, you can work around the button design, you can choose the orientation of the buttons to fine-tune the overall look and feel of the buttons.


Monarch Social Buttons on Media

Images are a very important part of websites these days. With the popularity of social media, the popularity of rich media content has also grown.

You will see much better engagement on your site if you publish your content with engaging and attractive images, so why not make it easier for your users to share the images on your site.

Monarch plugin gives you the option to share the images on your site with just a click. If you activate the media sharing option on Monarch plugin, it will show the social sharing buttons on hover.


Social Sharing Button Popup

Be it email subscription or social sharing the popups are one of the most effective and highly converting options.

In a way, you are reminding your users that there is a sharing option as well and if you enjoyed the content to share with others.

Monarch offers you great looking popup design option to make things easier for you.


And link the other placement options, you can design the buttons, change color and decorate it as per your requirement.

Monarch Flyin

The fly-in social buttons are quite effective in terms of conversion, more so because they look good. In a way, it surprises the user with a fancy flying social button option.

Monarch gives you the placement option for the fly-in as well. You can make it fly-in from the corner of your site or the middle button of your site.


6 Automatic Pop-Up & Fly-In Triggers

We have spoken about the popup and the Fly-in options above. The Monarch plugin gives you further options to trigger these in the most effective timing when the user is most likely to share your content.

You have six different trigger options to choose from.

1. Timed Delay: You can make the social buttons trigger after a certain span of time. You can probably track the user session time using the Google Analytics and set the most effective time accordingly.

2. Bottom of Post: Make the buttons trigger when the user reaches the bottom of the page. The user will have a fair idea of your content by now and there could be a possible conversion.

3. After Commenting: When a user comments on your blog post, he is most likely to share it as well. So, trigger the button when a user makes a comment on your post.

4. Upon % Scroll: make Monarch trigger a social pop-up or fly-in when a user reaches 25% of the page or any other percentage you can choose.

5. After Purchasing: This will be valid if you are managing an eCommerce site on WordPress, you can make the plugin trigger the social sharing option when a user makes a purchase.

6. After Inactivity: Triggering the social sharing buttons after inactivity for a certain time can be a very effective way to capture your users’ attention back and keep them engaged.

Social Follow Buttons

As of now, we spoke about the social sharing options offered by the Monarch plugin. Now, let’s have a look at the following option

Monarch plugin comes with an amazing option to showcase your social media followers with great design and proof.

You can showcase upto 35 different social media sites. However, it is not recommended to use all the options. Showcase only the platforms where you have a good amount of following and you are active on.

You have the option to showcase the count of social media following that your brand has so that you can attract even more users to follow.


You have the customization option to show or not show the name of the social sites, you have the option to change the oriantation of the buttons and more.

Mobile-Friendly Design

These days, you can imagine an online business without making it mobile friendly because most of the users come through the small screen devices.

The Monarch plugin offers you a fully responsive design that will help you to make your social media options look great across all devices.


Placement With Shortcode

Monarch plugin offers you it’s own shortcode so that you can display your social media follow buttons anywhere on your site without any hassle.


ElegantThemes works in a membership model, you will get access to all their WordPress themes and plugins as you go for their plan.

You will get access to the popular Divi Theme, the Bloom email option plugin, the Extra theme and over 87 other WordPress themes that you can use on your project.

They offer you two different plans, one is for $89 which is a yearly plan and the other is for $249 with lifetime access.

As mentioned in the time of the post, you will get an extra 20% discount if you use the link below to purchase the membership plan.

Final Word

Monarch is one of the top social media plugins for WordPress. As you can see in the article it offers you almost all the features and options that you expect in a top social plugin.

The ElegantThemes team has been around for years and they are one of the top stores to buy WordPress products.

You will get great support from the team if you need any help and they offer you comprehensive documentation to help you at any point.

Hope you find this Monarch review useful, Get this amazing plugin. Also, get access to Divi Theme, Bloom Plugin, Extra Theme for a single price that you pay for Monarch.

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